Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Realizations & Resolutions

(1) Keep it simple, sunshine! I do not have bottomless reserves of resolve, but I do have a lot on my plate (a bit more than the average joe). Forming a lot of complicated plans that require attention and perseverance rapidly exhausts my motivation. Applying myself to a few, simple, as-concrete-as-possible plans will work better.

(2) Lock in a bedtime. I hate giving up the day. So do the kids. But without enough rest, we're none of us doing ourselves a favor. In 2013, the kids will be in bed on time. Me, too. I'll rely on the health benefits of sufficient rest to buoy us all in unexpected ways.

(3) Create something every day, and no matter how small, signify the achievement with a mark on the calendar. I'm not interested in back-burnering this facet of myself any more. I've believed that, by instead devoting the time, attention and resources to the family, I've somehow made things "better" for us. Of course, there's no way to quantitatively assess the truth of that belief. For all I know, I've been kidding myself for years. To indulge in creative efforts, I'll have to sacrifice other "nonproductive" activities. Historically, I've been afraid of what that sacrifice will cost me, but it's time to push back against that fear and discover what--if any--effect my acting creatively will have. Only then will I know if what I'm doing--or not doing--is worth it.

To buttress and bolster my efforts, I've created a new "Inspiration / Aspiration" board, featuring the work and concepts that, over the years, have stuck with me however varied my tastes have run. I had created close to a dozen of these things between 2010 and 2012, and by comparing a bunch of them, I finally noticed the important overlaps among them. I've distilled hundreds of images down to these lucky 13. I really like how it feels to look at this collection. If I can do something that elicits the same reaction, I'll be content.

Let's all have a great year!

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